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Monday, January 26

the cooking/eating report for this weekend...

i made 'jook' with the chicken stock i made.
thought i'd just eat it, but it smelled very chicken-y...and i chickened out.

apple pie. who knew pie contained so much butter. but i don't think i can go back to store-bought crusts anymore. SO yum.
you make this BIG pile of apples for filling and then it sinks to a "normal" size. and we had it with vanilla bean ice cream. o man...the worlds that are now opened to my eyes. the multiple variations of apple pie. the cold weather is very conducive to pie-making.

pizza. thin crust is very good. and the fake bacon by morningstar farm, very enjoyable with pineapple. but we should upgrade the cheese. store-brand mozzerella is not cutting par.

and home-baked fries. marinated with curry. "yeet hay" but so good.

finally applesauce. the crockpot is GREAT. i love it. when i think of things ahead of time.

and tonight's dinner...soup?


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