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Saturday, May 29

this whole theme of "I don't know what to do with myself" is rapidly taking its toll.
therefore the revamping of the which i'm tickled pink and therefore plan to chill here more. :)

on the other hand, there's not something i can really choose to do right now.
i'm sure in a couple of days, i'm going to be recanting my statement in some psycho temp job in the city.

seriously, i went to interview with this company and they are something else. I guess i've been doing "touchy-feely" work for so long that I've forgotten how cutthroat some parts of business can by.

so i'm sitting w/ the rest of the crew in their 'work area' just gettin' a feel for the office...
and suddenly we're all quiet cuz the boss lady is reaming some poor fool out on the phone. "NO YOU CANNOT DO THAT. THAT'S ILLEGAL. YOU ARE JEOPARDIZING THE PRACTICE OF THE DOCTOR." and so on and so forth. dude. i ain't heard someone yell that much in public since ever, i think.
but they'll pay me, so i guess here i go...selling my soul so i can afford to go to a couple of baseball games without having to sit in the nosebleed seats.

until my fate settles upon me, i'm off to trader's joe w/ gifford. Let the bread rise.


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