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Friday, November 12

weather report:

so i'm on my way to class with a wet head of hair.
it freezes.
my hair is crackling frozen.
ok, that's pretty cold.

and at the pool, the water level went up half a foot. very strange.
it made pushing off the side kinda weird since i had to aim for the edge of the usual ledge.
of course, gettin out of the pool was a whole lot easier.
Morning swims are much funner with less people.

on the other hand, noon swims can be pretty entertaining as well.
so i'm sharing a lane w/ this dude. I can't tell you more than it was a dude, b/c i wasn't wearing any contacts.
at any rate, during a break, he asks me, are you a triathlete?
me: ?! no.
(do i LOOK like a triathlete? and aren't i swimmin' kinda slow for one?)
dude: O. i saw your cap.
me: Haha. My friend let me borrow it.


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