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Monday, February 7

go pats!

i love super bowl sunday. because this is the day when the MOST guacamole is available and consumed. i LOVE chunky guac. i love SAYING guac. i can't believe that when i was younger...i didn't like it!

not only did i eat guac, i ate it with my crackers. crackers are so easy and so fun. i will make them again and again. and they were so yummy. next time...meebe some curry powder into them. nono, olive oil and rosemary. Ooooo...

and sweet potato pot pie filling with biscuits. this is good. this is gonna be a staple for dinners to come. AND it lasts FOREVER! my repetoire for storable dinners is slowly expanding. soups last well, too.

today was SO warm. high 40's! unbelievable. :D


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