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Tuesday, July 29

this morning i drove to the airport all by myself to pick up my stephanie friend. I felt so smart, and so Philadelphia-ly to be able to find my way around.

and then, this afternoon i made three gajillion copies of a packing slip b/c i didn't realize the copies were coming out of the RIGHT side, not the LEFT. I felt so stupid, so inane to not find the other side.

and then, at the parking garage, I tried to open the door. just a regular door that pushes open. granted i was carrying the heaviest laptop in the world, but i could not budge that door. I felt so weak, so wussy to be stuck behind a door.

finally, tonight, i cut open the pineapple i got for 50 cents and ate some of it. I felt so lucky, so blessed to get such marvelously sweet fruit for so cheap.

in prose:

yay, it rained, we are cooling down to respectable temperatures...whew.
my mom is eating tomatoes w/ balsamic brave of her.
yay, tomorrow i will be fed lunch and dinner on the house...more or less.


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