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Wednesday, July 16

and my God is faithful...

dinner was lovely...even though i had to wear a skirt.

and dessert was even better... a blow-by-blow description...

(my partner in crime: Linna, a highly qualified eater; we made up the names and descriptions of all the ones we sampled)

1. lemon creme cheesecake. very nice. a good start. delicious, but not too rich.
2. chocolate cookie bar. average dessert, but nothing to blow your mind away.
3. almond cheesecake. excellent. very classy.
4. chocolate fudge bar. oy, i think i'm melting in chocolate goodness...
5. chocolate chip, peanut butter chips coconut bar. ok. but nuthing out of the ordinary.
6. raspberry mousse cheesecake. amazing. airy, tart, and rich.
7. strawberry chocolate bar. slight rum flavor? fruity. almost tipping the sweet scale.
8. coffee chocolate cheesecake. perfect final touch. sweet, but not overwhelming. so smart.

those not part of the official plate of samples:

1. an oatmeal raisin cookie. chewy. high pass.
2. fudge brownie. slightly above standard, has possible swooning potential, but lost in the fancy crowd of desserts.

those unsampled:

1. lemon coconut cake...who knows? i didn't want to waste the stomach space.
2. chocolate chip cookie...the gold standard. saved two for later.
3. random cookies...they looked like they came from a box. bleah.

so today has been redeemed....besides, someone probably needs an umbrella more than i. if not....well, vengence is mine, saith the Lord.

The end.


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