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Monday, December 22

i'm struggling to not be jet-lagged as much as possible.
but may not be worth my efforts.

i'm trying very hard to stay awake for the christmas program,
but let's face's like 11:30pm in my little, unadjusted brain...
and the senior pastor is preaching w/ an interpreter.
i can barely follow him when i'm awake. he's so obtuse, anyways.

anyways, i decide that if i'm going to close my eyes, at least i'll stay very upright.
better to try to conserve energy w/ dignity that to be caught with the highly noticeable and self-depreciating forward nod.
that's my theory anyways.

however, at the end of the service, my brother tells me he saw me dozing anyways. when you're in the choir, it's a sort of advantage point for picking out the sleepers. and then he tells me that our grandma who was sitting to my right, had completely let her head fall back and mouth hang out, to sleep with no shame next to me. WELL, NOW.

i do love sitting with my grandparents. esp when my grandpa catch my grandma being herself and we get to laugh at her.


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