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Thursday, February 5

food is love...

the New England circuit proved this statement over and over again.

PB and J sandwich with lemon ginger tea and cookies and grapes.
new flavor of ice cream at Friendly's: Hazel and Joe: coffee ice cream with espresso chips.
Thai Cape: seafood and vegetables over rice. spicy is the ONLY way to go. and vegetable tempura to swoon over
tortellini with alfredo sauce and garlic bread and some SMOOTH cabernet.
pancakes a la naked chef recipe with berries
dunkin' donuts munchkins...every flavor to try again and again.
homebaked desserts...flan, pumpkin whoopie pies, and an excellent oatmeal cookie
asiago parmesan bagel, toasted...
guacomole, multi-layered dip, and cheesy bruchetta
poula rolls
black bean burgers with oven-baked fries and a chocolate peanut butter pie
some REALLY awesome hummus
a square of dark chocolate with nuts
soup with fresh baked bread and cookies

finally, back home to sauteed squash, cornbread, and apple pizza.

DUDE...if only the next trip will hold as much promise...and calories, of course.


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