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Wednesday, March 24

today's adventure...

the pool is officially GROSSING me out...
so i decide to try working out on the elliptical machine instead.
3 minutes into it...i think...i'm SO not prepared to do more of this...
but 3 minutes is not enough to constitute anything remotely close to a workout
so i persevere.
at 6 minutes, i'm thinking...i have to cut this short...and stop looking at the clock.
at 8 minutes, i'm thinking...Praise Jesus...I'm almost done.
at 9 minutes, i counting down the seconds and wishing they'd past faster.
at 10 minutes, my legs are like jelly and my heart is racing faster than when i'm in the pool.

but i guess i'm a glutton for punishment...i think i'll go back tomorrow for another 10 minutes.


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