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Tuesday, April 6

opening game of red sox vs. orioles...
sigh...c'mon, boys, you can do it!
curt shilling opening with his first pitch as a red sox today.
duly noted.
and what's with all the hair, damon? it's like Jesus in the outfield.
i'm ok as long as 'Jesus' hits a homerun, though...
kapler...not bad.

and UConn whooped Georgia Tech last night. nice job, huskies.

it's too bad we don't have cable at home. But that's ok, b/c as long as i'm at my granny's for dinner...ESPN and ESPN2 and FOX SPORTS. i'll keep up.

until then...we'll stick to
especially if i'm going to be in Cali for a week.
gotta show some love.


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