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Friday, June 11

the dragon lady yelled at me. pretty much lost her temper. i almost cried at work. b/c i'm such a wuss. i don't do well with being yelled at. not before, not now, probably not EVER.

i didn't follow her instructions.

i was supposed to talk to the SECRETARY or the ASSISTANT.

i got a little mixed up. i ended up talking to the medical liason. i thought that was ok, since i wasn't bothering the adjusters. see all the jargon already.

it set me off.

first of all, i'm a freakin' TEMP. i am ALLOWED to be stupid. and i've never worked with insurance companies before, 'specially ones that deal w/ worker's comp. i'm a NOVICE...even if i'm supposed to be all edumacated.

second of all, i didn't INTENTIONALLY disregard her instructions. i'm trying here. this isn't the way to encourage me. since you keep telling me you need so much help on this database. ain't you ever done nuthin' wrong...

third of all, i didn't jeopardize the business. meebe i'm not helping it proceed at TOP speed, but hey, it was REPARABLE. a little forgiveness doesn't exist in corporate America though.

i don't like mean people. i don't like working with mean people.

the best thing at this job is lunchtime. b/c i leave the office for an hour for this:

and this is what i get to look at:

and on the walk back to the dungeon...

at any rate, i guess i'm being toughened up. it hurts.


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