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Sunday, August 15

been a pretty good eatin' weekend...

found compatriots re: dark chocolate. you know you're the real thing if you can't really eat milk chocolate when you have a chocolate craving. and you NEVER think about letting white chocolate pass your lips.

made s'mores...albeit w/o dark chocolate.

dined at a Thai restaurant dubbed, Loong Chat. not bad, though not as dirt cheap as SF can be. nothing compares. BUT i spotted a chinese restaurant, Five Spice Cafe, that says they do vegetarian dim sum. basically just vegetarian siu mai. Not a huge selection, but worth a look some day.

i dunno how fantastic the dining adventures'll be in VT, but that's the start. and this morning, i just ate a cheddar spinach scone at muddy waters cafe. for some reason, i felt the need for some sundried tomato to give it some PUNCH. it was alright.

i have an address...send me love, people


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