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Monday, November 22

in 24 hours, i will quit all forms of nerdiness and focus on ONE thing.

my neglected tummy.

o tummy, i'm sorry i've not been paying more attention to you lately. i gorged you silly during thanksgiving dinner at church yesterday, but i know that didn't really make up for it. sorry, i've just been teasing you with slices of jalapeno cheese toast and following up with nothing more than water. I promise that i'll make up for it as soon as the brain gets dumped. You've been very supportive and patient with the occasional spoonfuls of ben and jerry's between ricecakes. though you have admit wasabi ricecakes were rather ingenious. Not to worry, we're off to a marvelously friendly yummy vacation where you'll get spoiled silly. then, we'll just have to chin up until christmas time.

o brain...i just wanna tell you...don't be afraid to let all the nerdiness hang. be brave. be genius. and then we will take a vacation and just read about cooking and baking.


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