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Sunday, May 15

PIZZA EXTRAVAGANZA! Vote for your favorite!

pizza#1: eggplant, red peppers, topped w/ shredded cheese... Posted by Hello

pizza #2 (in its unbaked form...o la la!): a sundried tomato pesto base w/ spinach, red peppers, feta, and shredded cheese Posted by Hello

pizza #3: a base of pesto, tapenade fr. trader's joe, eggplant, red peppers, some chicken, and mozzerella and parmesan. Posted by Hello

our delicious dessert pizza...premiering for the first time...apples, almonds and cinnamon sugar on a cream cheese base. Posted by Hello

and the GRAND finale...props to M who conquered our sink AND counters. thus acquiring open invite status to all pizza dinners and dare I say, MORE! :D Posted by Hello


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