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Monday, September 5

Labor Day Weekend adventures

i stay up late chitchatting and read "the man who ate everything." even more ingenious is that I managed to hook up the DVD player and watch "finding neverland"
we try brunch at Opus. These are beer battered pancakes. I'm sorely disappointed, though they look lovely. and that little potato pie slice, s'ok. i'm not gettin' THAT again. next time, I'm going with my instinct: CHOCOLATE TOWER FRENCH TOAST.
i make vegetarian chili. i love this mix from the co-op. pan frying the corn also helps, i believe. i'm a BIG fan of pan frying corn after making this GORGEOUS corn salad.
Finally, i make friends w/ a pet snake that my classmate's little brother picked up in their background. yes, this is how Vermonters find pets. if you looked at my backyard at home, you might find some ants, if you're lucky. he had no name, so i took the liberty of naming him, Lenny.

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