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Saturday, November 19

Chocolate Mousse

i never thought i'd try my hand at such a luxurious dessert until i was stuck trying to figure out what to do with this square of silken tofu. Mori-nu tofu is vacuum-packed and has the longest shelf life of tofu that i know. knowing that there exists other possibilities for tofu other than savory dishes, such as Ma Po Tofu, i start researching tofu in desserts. i settle for chocolate mousse because of it's simplicity, both in regards to ingredients and directions. seeing as all supplies are at hand, as well as willing appetites, I set my hand to the task...

1 pkg silken tofu
12 oz. semisweet chocolate
dash of vanilla

Melt the chocolate in the microwave. I used half a bag of trader joe's chocolate chips, a handful of Nestles, and a MONSTER bar of Hershey's Special Dark. Zap it for a minute, give it a stir, and then zap it for another 30 sec, and you should be fairly good to go. (note to novices: it's not like butter, it ain't gonna melt in the same way.) Dump the tofu into the blender and press several buttons til it's all a homogenous mass. Dump in the melty goodness, and the vanilla, and press more buttons til it's one big happy glop. My blender is a delinquent. (it WAS on sale.) So I just took a rubber spatula and scraped down the sides and made sure everyone got along. Once it looked all beauteous, I poured it into several small cups and refrigerated it for about an hour. It set quite nicely, and would've been delicious even if it didn't. How do i know? I nearly licked the blender clean...

I'm looking forward to all sorts of variates on this lovely stuff. Chocolate mousse pie, Chocolate Mousse Cake...

and other future possibilities w/ silken tofu...fruit smoothies...except now I have acquire another package of silken tofu. preferably one with a long shelf life. Posted by Picasa


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