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Monday, February 24

This weekend was very productive in terms of baking and cooking.

This weekend's 'repetoire' consisted of:

1. whole-wheat rolls
2. tuna salad
3. roasted peanuts
4. baked apple peel
5. applesauce
6. garlic butter
7. meringue cookies

seven is a good number, but perhaps now i have been duly affected...

After an email has been sent, a little page ensues to note that the email address of the recipient(s). Among the ads and links is a little picture of a HUMONGOUS slice of pie/cake which is covered in frosting w/ fruit on the top. I don't think i can send anymore emails until that link disappears...i want to EAT THAT CAKE. and i am presently not hungry to begin with. i don't think it's appropriate to think about dessert allatime.


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