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Wednesday, July 30


i wore shoes today for the first time since i don't know when. i never thunk that there would be such a day.


why? why? why did i put on shoes. ferget the shoes...we (my feet and I) are wearing flip flops for life. well, until it snows, i guess.

i had to ask for bandaids TWICE. it was sort of embarrassing. prof. sigmund brought me a bandaid that was THIS big...(make a rectangle w/ your thumb and forefingers...then think of the size of my hands, not yours). i like eating w/ him because he doesn't lose focus on the food. this time i did not eat myself stupid. only almost stupid. whew...showing some self-control. say, isn't that a fruit of the Spirit. Muahahahahaha...i'm growing, perhaps?

i've been using the weather to pathetic is that? well, work before play. work faster!


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