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Wednesday, August 20

i was ready to give this all up, but then the most hysterical things happen...

generally, i'm not considered a klutzy kid. my depth perception is just fine, etc. etc.

today, i was at trader joe's w/ my mom and sister. and we were looking at cheeses. unbeknownst to me, this lady put her handcart down next to my feet. I turned, tripped over her cart, and in putting my hand out to steady myself....i totally grabbed her ass. (why use euphemisms here, i've already completely lost my dignity.) yep, you read that right. she was leaning over to pick something up, so of course she shot up and i apologized profusely and we both kinda laughed it off.

but o how we REALLY laughed in the car...

what a life. i think God really enjoyed setting up that moment.


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