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Monday, November 17

friday: adventures in New York.
this lady totally says "Hi, how are you?" in passing and never noticed that we've never met each other in our whole lives.
so i decide to keep up the pretense and say, "Good!"
was i being deceptive?
and then...
i ran into PHYLLIS among the bajillion of people in Chinatown. unbelievable. apparently, she's going to columbia for grad school. in electrical engineering. i love that she's such a nerd.
finally, we got chocolate covered canolis in Little Italy. Not as good as the Termini Bros. in S. Philly. it's the filling. the ricotta just wasn't creamy. sigh.

saturday: we visited our friend who works at a cafe...
she hooked us UP. a beautifully gorgeous salad, a lovely sandwich, a chai "lullaby", a merlot, a hot apple cider, AND a mississippi mud pie.
10 bucks. we LOVE kate. of course we tipped her like there was no tomorrow.

sunday night football, of course. the pats won.


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