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Monday, November 3

the pool is broken.
that explains why on Friday, i practically froze.
why is it that things defrost faster in cold water?
that's ok, today, i sat in the sauna instead.
i don't think it really replaces the exercise i'm supposed to be gettin...
but oh well, beggars can't be choosers.

on the food note...
after several celebratory gatherings, our kitchen is stocked w/...

1. brownies w/ chocolate chunks.
2. cheesecake
3. pumpkin pie (from fresh pumpkin, no less)
4. sherry cake.
5. pumpkin, walnut cake (i forgot when it really is, except that it's GOOD.)
6. apple cake
7. ice cream

that's a complete list. i feel like my cup overfloweth.
and somehow we're stuck w/ a bottle of rum. which is really low on my 'yay' list for the kitchen, b/c i don't even enjoy foods cooked in rum. b/c i was thinking we might try beer battered sumthing...but i don't think light beer will really be as enjoyable. and the "good" beer really ought to be drunken, not cooked into oblivion. though, if one really wants to be philosophical, does not all consumption end in oblivion?


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