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Wednesday, August 25

Don't get me wrong. i love school. but these small groups sessions are NOT captivating...

my routine currently consists of me filling up the nalgene bottle before class at the fountain. b/c WHO wants to carry around 4 glasses of water at one time. it's HEAVY. my technique is perfected to fill it exactly to the 32 oz mark. Just depends on the angle.

During small group, I noticed that it take me 3 swallows to move down one mark or a quarter cup of water. Therefore, 12 swallows makes 1 cup and 48 swallows will finish off half the day's requirement for liquids.

Impressive, non?

and on other notes, I went running for the first time in a long time. I don't think I've run since high school. But my roommate goes, so i went with her. We cut through a cemetary, into these woods behind the baseball field. We're leaping over tree roots, squeezing down narrow paths, pushing through foliage. I feel all tough...until a man comes barreling down the slope...with his two dogs...running barefoot. I'm still a wuss. But i'm a wuss having fun, so it's good enough for now.


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