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Monday, November 29

when i started school, an older and wiser student told us to write everything down...
your phone number, your address, your name.

well, perhaps i should've paid more attention. this is the second time i've forgotten my ATM PIN. this already happened in Philly, you'd think i'd learn.
nono...i persist in my inepititude.

so i look it up, good thing i keep mail that the bank sends me, right? o no. it doesn't matter, it's not the right one. geez louise, how'd THAT happen? so there are drive through ATM here...and i'm leaning out of the backseat window punching in any combination of numbers that i think could possibly be my PIN.

sigh. no such luck. fortunately, my roommate's gonna pay me back in cash for her share of the bills. except i STILL have to go to the bank in order to deposit checks. meebe i'll do it after break. i can't really forget when i don't have any way to get cash...


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