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Thursday, February 17

for those interested...

no, i do not believe you can simply toss in the entire egg, shell and all. You would need to puncture the shell to relieve the rapid pressure build up in the egg. and i haven't tried it, so i don't recommend it at all.
but for eggs over easy, i think you could just nuke it a little less, but still cover it. i tried it for about 45 seconds and it still cooked the egg pretty well.
and i don't like the mess either, but you can always start it in the microwave and then fried it up a little in the pan to give it a little crispiness and such.

for now, i've moved onto the peanut butter and jam sandwich on toast.
definitely use GOOD whole wheat bread, not those flimsy tea sandwich bread. and then if you're not feeling SUPER bready...make it open-face...or to be high-falutin'...a tartine.



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