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Friday, October 7

so I saw this recipe on Pappa al Pomodoro. And of course, I having all that stale focaccia lying around, thought, EXCELLENT, this is how i'll use it up. Fortunately, my prof hooked me up with some fresh basil and I was all set to go. I didn't quite make it as elaborately as ms. orangette did. This is the poor student's version. I took a can of chicken broth (b/c my roommate has been trying to get it used, but to no avail.) and dump in another can or so of water w/ a vegetable bouillion cube, and several leaves of fresh basil. Pan-fried fresh tomatoes ( i used three, that's all we had) garlic, a quarter of a red onion, and dump in some more basil w/ that. I added a can of diced tomatoes to the soup. This was way more water than I wanted, so i boiled some of it off. Then I added the pan-fried stuff, and boiled it until it was less watery. (sorry, folks, can't give you any ideas of how much, that's why you have PICTURES...) and then I tore up the focaccia into soup and this is what you see. I've just added the focaccia and given it a quick stir. Then I fished out the large basil leaves, cut up some more fresh basil and ... ta-da...soup is served. (o yeah, season to taste w/ salt, pepper, and even red pepper flakes, if you're so inclined.) Posted by Picasa


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