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Sunday, December 11

As soon as this fatty acid study is over, I can assure you we will have some tasty items you must definitely try, but until then I must simply smell the tantalizing meals and cookies that my roommates cook and bake. and I have found another odd pasttime...ogling kitchen appliances online.
now, this one isn't a kitchen appliance, but it's certainly something I've been eyeing curiously. an ice cream ball from LL Bean.

"Fill the bottom of this durable, lightweight Lexan® plastic ball with ice and rock salt, add ice cream ingredients to the top and just shake, pass or roll the ball around your campsite. In 20 minutes, scoop out about a pint of soft serve."

what strikes as most curious is the admonition: PARENTAL SUPERVISION REQUIRED. is that so? odd.

But a truer investment perhaps, would be this marvelous concept, an ice cream maker attachement to the indisposable KitchenAid. just spent an afternoon perusing Williams Sonoma's Ice Cream cookbook, so my loyalty to this fantastically overpriced store is slowly and surely being cemented in ice-cold love. Therefore, this attachment is DEFINITELY going to be in my life. our fate has been sealed. Love at first sight.


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