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Saturday, March 1

i think it might be time to tell a little story instead of making a list.

let's see...

my other favorite topic besides food and nerdiness...the weather.

today, we're finally going to have a high of 41. except that i have to miss the high part because i am occupied with nerdiness. poop on that. i never thought i'd get excited to hit 40 degree weather. who am i kidding. i've actually been excited to when the weather says we're going to be in the thirties. the threshold for excitement is any point above freezing point. for those who never need to know what freezing point, i will tell you. Freezing point is 32 degrees Fahrenheit. the wind chill factor oftens kills my party though. When the report says that the high will be above freezing point, i start speculating wild and crazy ideas, such as...perhaps, i won't wear tights today, meebe i'll just wear my coat without a jacket, and i don't think i'll bring the hat as a precautionary measure. Usually, i cave in to wearing the coat and the jacket. Today, however, that was a wise decision. I'm counting the days until i can leave the gloves and mittens behind. I don't even walk around the corner without those babies. That's just IGNORANT. and lemme tell you, ignorance is not bliss. It's just STOOPID, and cold to boot.

the end.


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