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Thursday, September 2

the nerd life

studying for med school is like studying for finals all the time. two days of lecture was the equivalent of two courses. we're covering so much this week, I can't even imagine what else they're gonna try to squeeze into our brains in regards to cell and molecular biology for the rest of the three weeks. God have mercy.

the baseball life

victory is sweet. what with sweeping detroit and still flying high...

it's only made SWEETER than the Yankees LOST to the INDIANS! 22-0! the biggest shut out since anyone alive can remember.'s only too bad that WE didn't get to shut them out. but no worries...


the speedy life

so i go running yesterday. after a grueling set of lectures and some reviving ben and jerry's ice cream, thanks to the generosity of the biochemistry dept. and the wood trails are very mushy due to the rain from the past couple of days. at one point, some really high weeds have simply caused the trail to disappear. Some firsts from this "expedition"

1. i didn't get lost.
2. i actually saw another human being.
3. i really broke in my new sneakers w/ mud and dirt. the first dirt always hurts a little.

the vanity life

tuesday morning, i woke with a bug bite...on my LIP. i've NEVER had a fat lip quite like this one. It was as though my lower lip was trying to consume my upper lip. and then one girl said...she didn't even noticed. ok, granted she's trying to be nice...but HEY...are you saying that i look like this ALL THE TIME?! ai-ya. at any rate, my lip is de-swelling back to it's normal size...and it can't even itch that much...cuz it's a lip.

more adventures to come...per usual.


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