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Saturday, March 12

breakfast at home...

1 frozen berries
2 plain yogurt
3 granola

Yes, they must go in that order. or... no, whatever. i've also learned to love government-issued raisins...

this time, my trusty plastic bowl was in the i upgraded to a teacup. i've learned that you can eat a lot of things in a teacup. in fact, the only thing i find the teacup inadequate for is a cup of tea. I suppose I'm not urbane enough to sip my tea; I am gulped it down in MUGS. which are clearly TOO big for a cup of breakfast

And...the MIXED version. This is dedicated to Steph who is in Israel where there are no berries, not even frozen ones. Fortunately, avocadoes abound there and they have a long season. (see, Steph, i even brought the raspberry to the honor of Mummu and Grampie's bush.)

and finally, because you outrank everyone as the person who is the FARTHEST away...

today's weather. the view from my window. a March day in Vermont.


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