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Sunday, March 6

bread adventures...

in the spirit of the "guvenator"...

it has a tUUU-mah...

(and see the marvelous bread knife that Mary bestowed upon me...)
dude, slicing bread is as strenous as kneading bread. this is why bread slicers are an ingenious invention. only i don't own such a contraption...though with two more loaves of equally "tumorous" quality...perhaps i should...

and included in the documentation of bread adventures is my lovely roommate, skers, back from alaska. :) as she is my BIGGEST supporter in the consumption of carbs, both simple and complex, her return is heralded with much joy...and bread. :)

see the loaf pan w/ the pink saran wrap...that is gonna get baked at the buttcrack of dawn manana. actually, BEFORE the buttcrack. sunrise is scheduled for 0619. hope this bakes well...don't want to start off the day with less than successful baking. especially when it's an exam day, too. here's to Nutrition, Metabolism and GI. kinda applicable, i suppose.


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