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Wednesday, March 2


Berries, yogurt, and Trader Joe's granola (God bless my mother!)

Frozen berries...ingenious. usually, i nuke them for 15 seconds, because things that are too cold have no flavor. Did you know that your taste buds have an optimal temp range at which they taste things?
Yogurt, it's plain, but when it's so cold, you don't taste it as much, and the berries and the granola are mixed in anyways.
And i *heart* TJ's Fruit and Nut granola. except for the raisins because they are so hard. at any rate, i would eat this straight up.

Next time, you might even get to see the MIXED in version. ooOOOooo...
Also, replicable with milk instead of yogurt.

other notable details...
see the gash! see the gash!
I forgot to nuke the berries, therefore, i sat the bowl on top of the AC adaptor...


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