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Thursday, March 27

clinic was madness. i think we had 68 patients tonight. fun for all.

surely the mandarin is improving...i need to learn how to say "breathe" so far, my ingenuity consists of asking them: "Do you have any problems *deep breathes*" thank goodness the patients are so bright. i don't need to breathe too many times. whew.

also, thank goodness for the patient who brought in a whole box of pastries. yum yum. it always smells so enticing. the choices overwhelm me. and the nutritional content poses another debate. of course, it's easy to not eat the char siu bao, etc. but then, this time the sesame ball was really calling out to me. more than the flaky almond cream thingie and the zhi bao dan gao. and definitely more than the coconut-y tart thing w/ a cherry on top. and then someone ate IT. the whole thing. i was kinda sad. no, let's be truthful, i was crushed. I was REALLY planning on claiming that one for my belly. there had only been ONE sesame ball anyways. i was offered a bite, but that's not how my stomach functions. especially not with sesame balls. of course, if it were cut in half and i got half, that's ok. but i DID NOT want a bite. a bite is like a fake-out. you think you get more, but you don't. i later soothed the sorrow w/ a zhi bao dan gao, but it was not the same. it wasn't even one of those super good dan gao's. it was just a regular old one. not exciting. and certainly not as exciting as a sesame ball. i like to think that if i were back in SF such atrocities would not be committed. remember, sharing is caring.


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