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Monday, March 10

props to my friend, Nicole, for:

1. feeding me a most luxurious meal of asiago cheese bread, spinach dip, tortilla, ceasar salad, french onion soup, cantalope, apple pie, and banana. (and of course credit to her husband for making everything from scratch.) this meal prompts and propagates all sorts of new food fetishes. sometimes when i get REALLY hungry, i think that the way to my heart could be through my stomach...but then i eat and regain sanity, thankfully.

2. having a tv and letting me watch it. the food network...i could learn to love it.

3. fulfilling my dreams and wishes by supplying me w/ two(!) baking spatulas, a pizza cutter, and THREE knives. knives are incredibly useful. everyone should have some good knives. except for the really crazy people. no knives for them.

(Two is also a good number that i have not given credit to. It is the only even prime number. Two also makes a pair. A pair can be very useful. you might like one for back-up.)


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