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Sunday, March 9

weather report: warmer.

i've noticed the improvement in temperature. it's affecting the way i shower. perhaps this is too weird for some of you...quit while you're ahead...but it's funny...

the shower head has to be held allatime. most disappointing since it ruins the whole showering experience just about every time. i can't wait til i have time to go to the pool so i just stand underneath the spray. with such cold weather, i've developed a very precise showering method. first, wash lower extremities, then torso, last. you'd be surprise at how fast core body temperature drops, even when i try to stay "under" the spray the whole time. but with the warmer weather, it's actually possible to put down the shower head during parts of the showering process. it's not restorative of the entire shower experience, but it's a step in the right direction. when we've reached ultimate warm weather mode, the entire process will be reversed.

this is the official beginning to spring break week.


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