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Thursday, March 6

i think i'm starting to enjoy this forum of saying naught.

today's adventures were very interesting...

noteworthy since it's partly related to food: scones are yummy.
interesting b/c now i introduce a new section: clinic.

today i started eating at nine and i pretty much stopped at three in the afternoon.
i think i ate on the hour, every hour.
wasn't full enough to pass out, but it was reminiscent of the good old days.

it was good thing i ate a ton, b/c clinic went completely nuts and i think i did everything i could possibly do. i was a machine.

in light of the fact that someone just underestimate my age...i just did the same:
very very patient lady, God bless her soul.
came in b/c her UTI wasn't clearing up and asked if she could get her GYN exam.
(i'm sure you don't want details on the acronyms.)
she spoke cantonese, another reason to bless her soul. o if you could hear the mandarin i make up, i'm sure someone is turning over in their grave. (side note, i learned how to say 'period' in mandarin. very useful.) and on that note, i learned that i was missing an important part of vocabulary in my women's health department. (stop reading here if you're not into anything medical or remotely related.) i don't know how to ask someone if they are sexually active. hmmm, time to get creative, per usual. so i ask if she has a boyfriend and hem and haw til she gets the idea. and she laughs and tells me she's married. whoops. then she tells me she understands what i'm asking. another reason to bless her soul. later on, she tells me that she has a nine year old son. whoops. obviously i have no gauge on the age of people of asian descent either. and i really need to work on my chinese.
more movies?

tomorrow is the symposium. i will at least LOOK my age.


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