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Monday, April 14

All sorts of momentous events:

made up my own cookie: chocolate chocolate chip mint cookie. Probably a repeat of something somewhere...but i still feel proud. some tinkering remains to be done, but on whole: above average.

submitted final. THE END of school writing for the year. I was a machine. probably wrote more this whole year than my whole undergraduate life. That makes one nerdiness down, two to go. soon, business here will be done for the time being and i will resume life in California.

you'd think the time change would work in my favor because i keep waking up at five o'clock. oh no. it's only gotten worse. lose points for waking up at four o'clock. and more points for being awake for no good reason in the middle of the REM cycle. what's up w/ that? i need to resume appropriate sleep patterns, it's starting to get embarrassing when i drift off at everything and anything during the day.


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