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Wednesday, April 2

free food continues...
school is amazing. if there is no other reason to appreciate being here, at least free food is available.

my bud and I managed to get some chocolate chip cookies. of course there were options of oatmeal raisin and sugar, but they don't compare.

i also learned that the boston globe keeps excellent archives of its food recipes.

and that the LA times has a lovely food section as well. especially since i found a bread recipe AND a cookie recipe. chocolate chip, no less.

weather report:
today was a pleasant high of 71, but it was pretty much the high of the week, it will be dropping back down now.

tomorrow's free food potential includes cheese, crackers, fruit, and meebe some sweets. and definitely some beverages. see, there ARE benefits to attending Grand Rounds. i've actually almost been motivated to attend due to the hope of free food at the end. and let us note: QUALITY free food as well.


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