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Friday, April 25

incremental momentous points.

1. 72 patients at the clinic last night. almost missed on a couple of draws. thankyouJesus, did not have to stick anyone twice.
2. woke up at four am and did not get back to sleep properly. am currently experiencing poopy lack of sleep headiness
3. rice cakes are good toasted with jam. if rice cakes are made again, use less rice and lower temp for longer...who knows.
4. the receptionist loves my smile. so far, it appears to be my one endearing feature. probably b/c it makes me appear less ferocious.
5. dim sum for lunch rescheduled. should invoke leadership qualities when food is involved.
6. ate ice cream sundaes for FREE yesterday. tuition clearly pays off in some ways.
7. decision to move finalized.


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