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Saturday, April 19

today was a tremendous day for eating. not only by me, but present company as well...

everything started at the stroke of midnight when we arrived. we were welcomed with freshly baked chocolate cake by Milade as well as ice cream (mint chocolate chip and french silk by Edy's), whipped cream, and hot fudge sauce.

we ended up at B and J's for dessert after lunch. stephanie takes it into her genius brain to order the hot fudge sundae...only instead of ice cream, it's all replaced with cookie dough. this is enough cookie dough to make two dozen cookies. not only that, she convinced a high schooler to eat ridiculous amounts of cookie dough, too. after about seven bites between the two of them, Jamison (the high schooler) says: you know when you've eaten so much that you start shaking?...well, i'm there. yep, he's shaking. by the end our adventures with this kid, he's actually polished off the cookie dough. steph doesn't manage to perform the same trick, but that's ok b/c we baked the rest of her cookie dough which turned into FANTABULOUS cookies which I got to help polish off. excellent.

then after dinner we go to Friendly's unintentionally...and eat ice cream sundaes. then we stop at the grocery store and purchase an ice cream cake by Carvel's which is supposed to be incredible.

the adventures are endless...tomorrow looks bright as well.


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