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Friday, April 25

nonfood adventure...

i thought i could take off the glasses when i putter from the locker room to the pool. oh no. apparently, being blinder than a bat has serious faux-pas liabilities. i've been wearing my glasses right up until the moment i get into da water. today, i thought to make things more efficient, we'll leave them in the locker and get them when i start dressing, after all i don't need to really see anything.

things i need to "see" while at the pool:

1. which lane is free? i made not one, not two, but THREE wrong guesses. First wrong guess is brought to my attention when i finally spot the swimmer about halfway to my end. not bad. Nix the first lane of the pool. Second wrong guess is noted when i hear a tremendous splash and discover that it is because two swimmers are racing madly towards my end of the pool. Nix two more lanes. First two wrong guesses were only minimally embarassing b/c i have not yet entered the pool. However...Third wrong guess is corrected after i unfortunately collide headlong with the other swimmer in the lane. Nix the fourth lane. Finally, i decide that this getting ridiculous. I ask another swimmer who tells me that the last lane is free and not only that, but he's getting out, so i can have his lane. Praise the Lord.

2. which locker is mine? of course i know the number, but i can't actually READ anything that's not less than two inches from my face. Given that the locker numbers are posted about a foot above my head, it is NOT meeting the requirements for my literacy levels. good thing i picked a locker that is next to a locker which has a brown bandanna hanging from its handle. God bless them.

i think i accidentally ate chicken today. whoops. at least it was free.


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