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Sunday, June 29

o the weather is still ridiculous, but my tolerance level is rising rapidly.

today i had ice cream for dinner (props to grier-fu)

edy's (aka dreyer's) was on sale, half price... thankyouJesus. (today's sermon was about giving props to there)
one scoop of espresso chip, one scoop of chocolate, a drizzle of chocolate syrup, and a sprinkling of walnuts. i would've gone with almonds if we had access to any, but walnuts will, tankyouJesus for walnuts.

then we watched emeril live (tankyouJesus, that da fu has cable and that she's my friend and cares for me and therefore shares with me. for me) and he was making late night snacks. started with a chocolate milkshake which we felt compelled to make in spite of the ice cream dinner. but we didn't, b/c we lacked oreos. which is okay...
b/c then emeril started making these perfectly gorgeous sandwiches...and then we felt compelled to make grilled cheese sandwiches. but we didn't, b/c it was time for me to go home. which is also okay.

i don't know when it started, but i've been feeling an sort of attraction between me and (should I say it...??)

mr. beef.

b/c before we watched emeril we watched a very silly show called date plate which is hosted by an overly perky host. where DO they find these people?! and one of the girls' dishes was seared filet roulade which kinda tickled my fancy.

pat, it might be time to start preparing for my inaugural meal. it won't be in the near near future, but you'd better think ahead so as to get your research in and not to let me down. just remember, medium rare. i ain't doin' no well done or nuthin', ya hear?

closing note, i thought i ran out of toilet paper...seriously run out, like no more squares, not even the groddy, wrinkled last one. but thankyouJesus, i found the stash in the closet. whew. i won't elaborate on my "back-up" one appreciates those.


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