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Friday, June 6

i was thinking what to blog, what to blog...much has happened.
and then i ate lunch.

lunch was ok. but what was REALLY amazing was the final touch. my mom got these sesame roll candy things from this Korean market that just opened up around the corner. Black sesame. what a wonderous thing God made. i don't know what it is about black sesame vs the white sesame, but it's incredible. the package is not huge, the rolls are about as long as a finger and there are only two black sesame ones. of course, i'm going to try the black sesame ones first. otherwise, it's like reaching for milk chocolate when dark is right in front of you. stupid. but of course, if i eat a whole one, there will only be one other black sesame one to try. sharing is caring, remember? so i cut it in half. soveryverygood. i am tempted to eat the other half.

i can't believe i've deprived the blog of food entries so long. but this weekend is full of good eating. saturday: wedding! sunday: graduation! i have no idea what's saturday's meal will be like, but on sunday we're supposed to be going to an amazing restaurant in Union City. the last time we went, one of the dishes was ingenious. the chef had filleted the fish, cut up and deepfried the bones, pan fried the meat, and then put it back on top of the fish bones with a sauce. i would eat it again. and again.

the following comes in no particular order whatsoever. read at your leisure:

1. janet had free tickets to see "thwak" by the umbilical brothers. hysterical. i'm really appreciating the live show.
2. my sister took us to a senior recital. at one point, it sounded like two violins except that there was only one. incredible. the next time, we intend to find a cello recital.
3. when you take the 152 back up, you can listen to the 80's music cafe on 101.7 It was good until they put on janet jackson something or the other. no fun.
4. picked up the phone at work... Them: you (expletive) idiot! Me: hello? front desk. Them: what? hello. Me: can you hold please? Them: no problem.
5. crepe express on the haight: WEAK. we are NOT going back there.
6. Mike's Roadhouse Cafe at Kettleman City. very cute. excellent sandwiches. they keep entertaining books and games on their tables. our book: What to do if you're surrounded by idiots. something along those lines.
7. managed to take the long but sure way back from Oakland. no Alameda, no getting lost. yay for me. 9 lbs 2 oz.
8. why does everyone want to find nemo? even people who i thought didn't really enjoy cartoon movies are watching it.
9. why does NPR keep telling me about the weather in sacramento? does it really seem relevant to ME?! yes, the world revolves around me...i want to know what the weather is like within a 25 mile radius please. thankyouverymuch.

the end.


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