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Saturday, June 14

but for the sake of making lists...

i was just thinking about things i want to try before i die.

i wanted to go to the opera. and just a couple of days later, janet asked me if i wanted to go to the opera. well...YES! i don't know what it is, but she just seems to be getting a lot of free tickets. i wish i could take janet everywhere with me. it would be like a magic lamp. every time i wanted to see a live show...boom, free tickets. Cinderella was fun, except i couldn't really read the "subtitles" from our balcony seats. (grier-fu, i want the laser surgery, money is of no consequence...) but it was still enjoyable. But next time, i hope i'm not incredibly bloated during the show. it was unbelievable, like someone wanted to rain on my parade, or pee in my cornflakes.

i wanted to try capoiera, and my coworker was more than happy to take me to class. i would play again.

i want to try hang-gliding...meebe i'll schedule that for august.

i want to finish books which i start. suffice it to say, i've been put to shame by the incomplete reading going on in my life. i can think of five books off the bat:
1. Confessions (St. Augustine)
2. The Brothers Karamazov (Dostoevsky)
3. Fast Food Nation (Schlosser)
4. Shapers of American Health Care Policy (Weeks and Berman)
5. Savage Inequalities (Kozol)

in an effort to revive my failing efforts, but expanding appetite, i've started The Nanny Diaries. perhaps a some light reading will get the groove back. or not. i wonder if it's worth it to read so much before i die.

and today, i ate one of the best grapefruits ever. EVER. it was definitely not important to eat this grapefruit before i die. but it was like a taste of heaven.


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