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Thursday, June 19

the day's only just begun and i'm already having fun.

1. got breakfast AND a ride to work.

2. my mom's freakin' hysterical. so there's always been this little collection of rocks downstairs. and this morning my mom is commenting on how these ads keep coming and how they have to come with little rocks so they don't get blown away. and so i said, why don't you just throw them away. mom: b/c these are nice rocks. they have to buy them. from home depot or something. see and she shows me the rocks. so she keeps them. and i said: what are you going to do with them? she says: i dunno. i just keep them and meebe one day i will put them somewhere. me: ahahahahahahahaha. meebe this isn't funny to you, but it's funny also b/c it's in chinese. i love hanging out with my mom.

and tonight we get to feast at my granny's. yes.


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