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Monday, June 23

back to the grind...

1. today is supposed to hit 88 degrees. God have mercy. at least the humidity is going to be low.
2. i already miss the food. what in the world possessed me to be so far...i already know.
3. skip-bo! grind? what grind?
4. my stomach is NOT adjusting well. but at least the white pizza was SO good.
5. living on the top floor makes for good views. but the stairs. oh, the stairs.
6. watched undercover brother. haha. sho' enuf.
7. pat, girls don't talk about their b.m., but we talked about some pretty gross-you-out stuff. there were almost no limits.

1. standing room only?! two bucks more than general admissions?! ridiculous.
2. i saw this guy who was totally muscled out. he looked like a cartoon. his arms wouldn't touch his sides. i bet his biceps were almost 15 inches around.
3. red sox lost. poopie. their pitcher actually got onto a base. then, he put on his coat to keep his arm warm.
4. he put on his coat twice.
5. baseball could really grow on me. look at all the obnoxious things you get to yell: yeah, take it and like it!


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