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Thursday, September 23

Benefits of living in Ben and Jerry's home state...

so it's the last day of classes for this course. and i'm noticing that pints of Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby and such are floating through the halls. Apparently, whoever works at BJ just brought in pints and pints of the stuff. I check the freezer. O yeah. there's tons of Cherry Garcia, a Mint Chocolate Chip, Chubby Hubby, etc. It's sensory overload to have the grocery section of BJs right in your own student lounge.

So what do i do? I close the door. and tell my prandial buddy, Mark. He's a good conspirator. I settle in the study room and he fetches two ginormous servings of ice creams: cherry garcia, chubby hubby and oatmeal chocolate cookie dough. dude...what IS it about ice cream that is inherently IRRESISTIBLE?

Dear Jesus...i *heart* my school, my eating life.

Well, the excuse for going nuts on BJ in the middle of the week is cuz it was the last day of classes. It's now official policy to eat BJ after exams. that means BJ every week just about.

today's honors goes to...


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