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Wednesday, September 15

I've noticed a trend in free food 'round these parts.


so i'm "chillaxin" at the Family Medicine bbq, gettin my next few meals in...

which turns out to be a garden burger (which i only eat under these desparate conditions), raw veggies w/ dip, and chips and salsa. And dessert is almost always a selection of chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate chip, and double chocolate chip. This time there was a caramel apple pie in the mix.

I've seen this mixture so often, I've come up with a strategy to maximize my dining experience for the next encounter. I'm gonna ditch the bun the next time. Forget the condiments and straight dump the salsa on the garden burger. Then I'm gonna cut up the burger to some degree and dig in with the chips.

and DUDE...the mosquitoes...swat swat swat. in spite of my best efforts i STILL got bit. on the neck. dang IT. somehow, somehow, i'm gonna escape unscathed from one of these 'attacks'. i've yet to come up with a strategy just yet though.

BUT...i met the cutest little boy, who was about 3 or 4. He looks at me with his big eyes and i'm waiting for him to say hi. and he blurts out, You wanna come home with me? and then he turns to his mom, a 4th year student, and says, can she come home with me? she wants to come home with me, ok? and he stutters through most of this. SO FREAKIN' CUTE. and then we manage to part ways and he tells me in his little voice: look both ways before, k? look out cars, k? BYE!

little dude...can i take YOU home?



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