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Monday, October 4

for the first time, cape cod is the warmer place to be.
used to be that traveling from philly to the cape meant going to colder weather.
but no, when you're in VT, almost everywhere is warmer.

At any come some insights from this weekend in no particular order:

Traveling is fun. traveling at 95 mph is even funner.

Ben and Jerry's is good. Communal Ben and Jerry's is even better. Just people, spoons, and the ice cream. Pass the Phish Food.

Red Sox are fun. Red sox with other red sox fans is even funner.

Friendly's is good. Friendly's with Mr. Youd is even better. ;D

Homemade apple pie is amazing. Homemade apple pie w/ vanilla bean ice cream and fresh raspberries for BREAKFAST is even more amazing-er.

Dissecting cadavers is pretty neat. Not smelling like embalming chemicals for a couple of days...even neater.

Waking up is good. Waking up at 7:45 instead of 6 is even better.

Sleeping on a full sized bed is cozy. Sharing it with your two roommates is VERY cozy.

Almost full moons are lovely. ORANGE almost full moons are gorgeous.

Finally...tomorrow we start the FIRST play off game against the Angels...everyone, say your prayers.

meanwhile, i regret that i cannot post more...because i think you'd all LOVE hearing about anatomy lab and how GREAT I smell these days. i will try... ;)


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