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Sunday, March 13

this weekend's grand totals:

5 loaves
20 cups of flour
and i don't wanna count anymore...that's not my forte anyways.

a visual hint: :O |

just to give a little history on what a loaf goes through...

Stage 1: active starter, I used a 1/2 cup, and stored the rest for next weekend.

Stage 2: the starter got here by being fed w/ 1 cup of water and 1 cup of flour. see how foamy the top is. it's happy. a happy starter is a good starter.

happy starter makes happy bread, which also leads to happy people! (it also helps that skers makes happy food...therefore, happy wob. see the brownies...and the fifth loaf to come, rising on the radiator...)

in places beyond my kitchen...we finally tried one of the few and far between japanese restaurants around...

this is why saturday brunch got canceled and replaced w/ a teacup of granola, yogurt and berries...
it's not comparable to home, but this is not the time to complain. it was a lovely meal, with lovely company...cheers.


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