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Friday, March 7

symposium went great. i did nothing except stand there and look grown up.

i am a contributing group member. thankyouverymuch.

food: i ate two great lunches today.

first lunch: we celebrated the beginning of spring break with dim sum, filtered air, and filtered water. i ate a generous amount. the highlight of this meal was the sesame ball. even though melissa doesn't like them. i will eat them. don't be sad, sesame ball. i love you.

second lunch: my work LOVES me. they ALWAYS save food for me. so i ALWAYS get lunch everytime i go. even if i go shortly after lunch. they even pick out the meat for me. and the lunch lady, ms. pat, also encourages me to get seconds. ms. pat is my friend. today's lunch was special b/c one of the staff was leaving. i got to eat cheese lasagne, a salad, bread, and a scrumptious dessert called 'death by chocolate.' That was an amazing lunch. i think i will keep working here.

and there is still dinner...muahahahaha.


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